New Patients

What to expect:

First visit (1 hour) – Dr. Duffee will gather a health history, do a targeted physical exam and recommend lab-work. Some initial treatments and/or supplements may be recommended. After the visit, Dr. Duffee creates a personalized plan with careful consideration of your unique case. Book your first visit.

Second/Follow-up visit (1/2 hour) – Dr. Duffee explains her personalized plan for you and discusses any options you may want to consider. Treatments and/or supplements are recommended and dosages clearly explained. Follow-up consultations regarding your progress are booked in half hour increments.

Treatment visits (30-45 minutes) – Treatment visits include the following therpaies: Acupuncture (30 min), Bowen Technique (45 min), and CranioSacral Therapy (30 min).

Intake Forms

Intake forms will be emailed to you upon the booking of your initial appointment. Please fill them out and have them ready for your first visit.